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Conflict is my passion, and so most of what you’ll see here is about conflict and decision-making. If you, or someone you know, needs professional assistance with a conflict, check out my conflict consulting services.


About Me

Conflict is my passion because it is at the heart of everything important. And because conflict matters to you, it matters to me. My fields of focus are business (MBA), politics (BA), and dispute resolution (MDR), with a specific focus on conflict decision-making.

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Conflict is an opportunity, and my goal is to help you make the most of it. I can help you learn more about your conflict, get better at exchanging information and building relationships, make better decisions, and learn how to make conflict work for you.

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The Opportune Conflict (blog)

If you’re looking for materials to read, check out my blog: The Opportune Conflict. If you prefer to listen, I’ll soon have a podcast as well.