To help make conflict work for you, I focus on four primary services: Conflict Analysis, Facilitated Dialogue, Mediation, and Conflict Workshops. For an assessment of your needs and a quote, please contact me.

Pro bono services are available for nonprofit and community organizations. If you are interested in pro bono services, please include a brief description of your organization and how these services can further your organization’s mission.



An analysis of your conflict and your system of conflict decision-making. Great for when you need a better understanding of your conflict and ways to prevent and resolve conflict. Useful for determining how conflict helps and/or hurts your ability to achieve your goals.


A neutral third party helps in private decision-making. Great for when a conflict has created an impasse and you want to retain control over reaching a mutually satisfactory outcome, but need assistance in how you reach that agreement.


A neutral third party helps participants create a constructive conversation using Essential Partners’ method, Reflective Structured Dialogue. Great for information sharing and relationship building. Can be useful for laying the groundwork prior to making a decision, or for getting feedback for evaluating decisions that have already been made.


Conflict workshops are great for helping individuals and organizations increase awareness about how to use conflict beneficially. This includes mitigating the negative outcomes of conflict, and increasing the positive value of conflict opportunities. Conflict workshops are tailored to your specific needs and can cover a broad range of topics, such as conflict decision-making, negotiation, difficult conversations, strategy, etc.


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