Talking Politics: Moving Forward Post-Election

A facilitated dialogue open to any and all.

“What can I do to make the world a better place?” is a question I often ask myself. Right now, my answer is to help people talk with one another, build relationships, and to help people move forward.

“Talking Politics: Moving Forward Post-Election” is a facilitated dialogue I am offering for free. You just need 3–6 participants and 2 hours of time. I’ll come to you (greater Chicago area), and will facilitate for free. Open to anyone and everyone, regardless of who you voted for, or whether you voted.

Facilitated dialogues work well, even when (sometimes especially when) different participants drastically disagree. If you’ve never been part of a facilitated dialogue, they are refreshing because the structure slows the conversation, and no one has to worry about being in a debate, or convincing others about their perspective. The conversation focuses on what happened, why it matters, and areas of uncertainty you might have.

So I invite you to this dialogue; contact me if you’d like to put one together. Like I said, this is my way of contributing back to the world, so I’m glad to help.

Update: If you would like to host this dialogue on your own, I have included both the Facilitated Dialogue Schedule and the Participant Handout, below. Both use Essential Partners’ method, Reflective Structured Dialogue. Additionally, I have been volunteering my time and expertise to facilitate this dialogue for free. If you’d like my assistance hosting a dialogue, or have any questions about hosting one yourself, please contact me.

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