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Writing Challenge: Complete an Article While In-Flight from Chicago to San Francisco

I decided to give myself a challenge during my flight from Chicago to San Francisco: write an article before landing, and then publish whatever that looks like. Once the flight is over, no going back and making changes. What’s written gets published.

For this writing challenge, I decided to write about what writing means to me. It’s a bit meta, but it matters to me. And I’ll tell you why.

The Power of Being Present: My Dog Is a Good Listener

Have you ever had a conversation with a dog?

The other day, I had a sarcastic conversation with my corgi along the lines of “aw, you have no idea what I am saying, but since I am saying it in an excited voice you think it’s important!” And my dog, not knowing any better, gave me her full attention. Her head was tilted, her ears perked up; surely there was something important in what I was saying.

That Giant Spider Living in Your Home Is Your Fault

That’s right. It’s your fault that giant spider is living in your home. Do you know why? Because that means you have enough other bugs there for that giant spider to live the fat life.

Well, it’s not exactly your fault. But you certainly contributed to creating a friendly environment for that spider. You wanted a roof over your head? Well, so did that spider (and, more importantly, everything it’s been eating).