4. Behavior

The Power of Being Present: My Dog Is a Good Listener

Have you ever had a conversation with a dog?

The other day, I had a sarcastic conversation with my corgi along the lines of “aw, you have no idea what I am saying, but since I am saying it in an excited voice you think it’s important!” And my dog, not knowing any better, gave me her full attention. Her head was tilted, her ears perked up; surely there was something important in what I was saying.

On the Use of Force

For the person using force, it is voluntary. It is the ultimate expression of one-sided decision-making, where one’s personal power is unilaterally utilized. But for the person force is used against, choice is denied. Force is coercive, and that coercion is force’s trademark. It is the attempt to impose one person’s decision upon someone else. Force, therefore, contains a sense of irony. It is the use of one’s self-autonomy to deny another of their self-autonomy.