6. Execution

Defining the Troll: Emotional Schadenfreude and Personal Responsibility

A troll is someone that gains value from the act of causing others to lose value.

Okay, that was a bit dry sounding. How is this: a troll is someone that takes pride and joy at causing misery, anger, and distress in others; a troll derives pleasure by actively creating displeasure in others. However, a troll isn’t just schadenfreude; a troll gains value by being the direct cause of that schadenfreude. Thus, a troll is comprised of two major parts: emotional schadenfreude and personal responsibility.

The Police Problem: Perception, Reality, and Trust

Are the police corrupt? Should we trust them? What role should they play in society?

This is a topic that is both deeply historical and immediately relevant. This article is about a specific problem in the national dialogue on police: how does the public’s perception about the police impact the public’s trust in that institution?